From Consulting to Company Analysis

Pictet Funds - Water Fund

David assisted Pictet et Cie., one of Switzerland's leading private banks in developing and launching the world's first water sector dedicated equity fund on 1st January 2000. He is a member of the Water Fund's advisory board, providing them with information and insights about market developments and drivers. The fund currently has assets of €9.1 billion under management.

Corporate Finance - Company assessment

The most unsung, yet rewarding, element of corporate finance should be avoiding a bad deal. Envisager has carried out extensive work with clients on target appraisal and pre-bid due diligence on a variety of potential target companies based in the UK. This has included comprehensive environmental risk assessments, market and technology appraisals and appraising assets and activities in relation to regulatory and market evolution.

Engaging Water Cleantech with Venture Capital

What is there in the water sector for venture capital to invest in and why? Envisager has extensive experience here, including preparing a sector market appraisal for Britain's premiere venture capital house as well as advising some of the sector's newest players. Tasks range from the analysis of market drivers and opportunities from a variety of viewpoints to looking at the entire structure and rollout of venture capital into water sector Cleantech companies over the past fifteen years. Envisager has worked on projects with a number of VC players and early-stage companies. Currently, David advises Sustainability Investors, a new VC firm looking for opportunities in the UK and Europe. On the corporate side, David advises WATR, a UK based innovator in real-time remote water and wastewater monitoring.

Opportunity appraisal - From markets to regions

Where should you commit your resources and why? Envisager has carried out a wide range of projects for clients including developing self-appraisal systems which allow clients to modify their selection criteria for analysing market data to in-depth strategic analysis of individual market risks and opportunities across a region on a long-term basis.

Data and policy analysis - Information capture and interpretation

When it comes to useful data, the water sector faces a drought. Envisager has developed a comprehensive database evaluating the capital spending needs for water and wastewater at the national level, along with a database tracking the development and deployment of private sector participation in water and wastewater projects worldwide.

Data and policy analysis - Conflict resolution and arbitration

Perhaps the most important tool for bringing parties in a dispute round a table to resolve their differences is to ensure they are provided with information and insights about the issue that they find acceptable. Three decades of experience of issues worldwide ranging from cost and regulatory drivers to techniques for evaluating contracts are a powerful tool when it comes to resolving differences.