Welcome to Envisager

Envisager advises companies, financiers, governments, and multilateral institutions about environmental, market, competitive and political drivers affecting the business of water and wastewater worldwide.

Independent thinking and analysis

Through its public-private partnership and global infrastructure databases, Envisager has developed a unique insight into the world of water and wastewater systems and services. These build on thirty-five years of experience analysing technology and water markets and how long term political, regulatory and technological trends have impacted them.

While we face unprecedented challenges from water scarcity to climate change, a series of potentially transformative innovations are emerging, giving us the potential to address them. Envisager closely follows these innovations, applying them to our databases to explore their impact on the sector’s current and future capital and operating spending needs.

Envisager has a particular focus on the prevention and management of risk, allied with driving forward a quantitively-based, honest and effective implementation of corporate reporting and sustainability. For truly independent, informed, and innovative analysis, informed by our data-driven understanding to tackle regional, national and local issues, take a look at what Envisager can do for you.

Our Credo

Envisager believes that affordable access to safe and sustainable water and sanitation is the least that any civilised society can aspire to. All policy initiatives relating to water and wastewater ought to concentrate on its universal availability, its competent management based on full or sustainable cost recovery and the belief that demand management is the key to its sustainable management. Water is worthless until all of its values are recognised. The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for water and sanitation are laudable and sensible, yet unlikely to be achieved before 2050 without a focus on capacity building to drive a combination of smart-led demand management and a ceaseless emphasis on capital and operating spending efficiencies.